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Our Business

Pacific Process is a multi-disciplined Professional Services Group delivering business and technical solutions to industry across multiple jurisdictions.

Formed in 2005 the Pacific Process Group of shareholders and diverse specialist associates have grown into a team with a wealth of knowledge and experience which enables us to provide our clients with innovative ideas and solutions, but most importantly it makes it possible for us to formulate and deliver all types of projects, both locally and internationally.

Our Approach

At Pacific Process we pride ourselves on delivering innovative and differentiated Business Solutions.

We seek to gain an understanding of a client’s supply and value chains to develop value-added and differentiated solutions through our diverse perspective, industry exposure and experience. We focus on the ability to deliver tomorrow’s solutions where the return-metric on the project is over the medium and long terms.

Our Independence

At Pacific Process we take satisfaction in remaining independent from equipment supply companies. Being independent of suppliers ensures our Process Engineers and managers have no design limitations or conflicts of interest in this area.

We firmly believe that individual customer’s environments and their needs should dictate project design. This means that only equipment and subcontractors best suited for each client’s project are considered.

Our Capabilities

Our team has a wealth of diverse experience is available to handle all types of projects, and business fields, locally or internationally to the highest standards. We pride ourselves in being able to work through issues and project scopes and discern the most commercially-effective manner in which to detail the design and implement the project. The ability to deploy experienced people with a genuine interest in the development of a client’s business differentiates our business capability from most in the industry.



Our delivery is coordinated through globally-recognised systems and standards of project execution to give reliable outcomes to clients.

Design Capability

Practical operations’ experience means sophisticated processing equipment can be coupled with common-sense engineering practices. We understand manufacturing and operations which helps us achieve smart and sensible solutions. All of our design engineers have been involved in the Food/Dairy/Beverage industries for the past 25+ years.

Comprehensive design experience means we can provide robust plant and system designs, optimized ergonomically and functionally, and incorporating the latest proven technology.

Project Management

Extensive project management experience ensures projects will be completed to the customer’s requirements on time, to specification, and on budget. Sole responsibility for turnkey supply and management results in a seamless communication channel for our clients.

Pacific Process ensures quality project management by using the PRINCE2 and Best Management Practise Systems for interface reliability and systematized communications and management.

Sophisticated Automation & Control

We seek to deliver complete solutions including the plant and process automation through data capture to business management interface requirements. We are knowledgeable on the flexibility, data capture and manipulation required in the modern world so that processes, plant and the overall supply chains can be continuously optimized for ongoing improvements in returns for the owner.

All levels of automation capability can be designed from completely manual, with a basic level of safety interlocking, to a comprehensive PLC and SCADA system with the latest in automation design and functionality.

Innovation, Research and Development

Innovation, research and development is an integral part of Pacific Process’ portfolio as we are highly aware that smart business solutions stem not only from original thinking but also from a knowledge that each project requires unique design solutions. Our commitment to this philosophy is evidenced by the significant volume of research and development work, as well as patented technologies we have produced. This track record of innovation is a value added aspect to working with Pacific Process.


Ambrosia Training provides comprehensive training programs tailored to meet our client’s needs.

So many training systems and providers train for skills. This allows the dutiful following of a prewritten script. Ambrosia seeks to train for knowledge. Where knowledge is gained around a process or system then the individual can problem-solve on the run, can optimize over time and becomes an integral part of the IP of a client’s business.

We offer courses ranging from ‘dairy general theory’ and hands-on ‘in plant’ operator training to specialised technology training by industry experts.

The training we provide has significant benefits to our customer’s operations in terms of improved product quality and yield. Trainers with over twenty years’ experience in the dairy industry will present packaged training plans customized for the client’s requirements with continuing support via our online training platform.

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