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Pacific Process’s comprehensive baking industry experience is led by our team of engineers who have years of experience with plant design and build projects in both the flour milling and bakery industries. The team at Pacific Process has managed projects in the bakery sector working in the bread, biscuit and pie industry and have accumulated experience in the following areas:

  • Flour Milling Plant Design and Build
  • Bread Loaf & Bread Roll Plant Design & Build
  • Biscuit Plant Design & Build
  • Pie Plant Design & Build
  • Grain Handling Technology
  • Ingredient Storage (Wet & Dry)
  • Ingredient Handling and Metering into Mixing Processes
  • Dough Mixing & Portion Handling
  • Pastry Manufacture
  • Bread Mould Depositing
  • Pie Forming & Fill Depositing
  • Baking Ovens
  • Bread Loaf Cutting and Bagging
  • Pie Cooling & Cool Storage
  • Packing & Palletising.

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