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Beer & Wine & Alcoholic Beverages

Our team of experienced engineers is at the forefront of suppling our customers with the most efficient technology for their winery or brewery. Pacific Process can supply the equipment for the heart of your Brewhouse or Winery and is capable of evaluating what is required to get your product into your customer’s hands.

  • Grape receiving, weighing and handling
  • Grape pressing equipment
  • Skin filtering systems (White Wine)
  • Hops and Barley handling
  • Fermentation Equipment
  • Sparkling Wine Fermentation
  • Clarifying, Filtering and Blending
  • Bottling, Canning and Keg Filling Systems
  • CIP System

Pacific Process Beverage production extends to the construction and installation of alcoholic beverage blending and bottling plants. We provide our customers with a range of options to blend alcoholic beverages with flavours and mixers to produce RTDs and market ready spirits.

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