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Pacific Process has extensive experience designing and developing Drink and Beverage Plants. We work with our clients to best match their beverage needs with the ideal processing and filling technologies. Our team has undertaken all types of beverage projects, producing a large variety of drink types including;

  • Fresh juices
  • Carbonated soft drinks
  • Long life beverages
  • Aseptic filled Beverages
  • Flavoured Milk Products
  • Sports Drinks
  • Bottled Water.

Pacific Process has extensive experience with beverage production upgrades and line integration. Our team has experience suppling and installing a wide range of equipment for the beverage industry.

  • Fruit Juice Extraction Press
  • Blending & pre-treatment
  • Powder Ingredients Addition
  • Heating / Chilling Treatment
  • Pasteurization / Sterilization
  • Sterilization Systems
  • Carbonation System
  • Aseptic Storage (‘A’ Tanks)
  • Filling Machinery (Board, Plastic, Can)
  • Blow Mould Fillers
  • Post Package – Heat Treatment
  • Pack Accumulation System
  • Case Packing, Palletising.

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