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Dairy Nutrition is a key part of the development of nations. Infrastructure development and innovative technology for dairy production and processing across all dairy products is a core part of Pacific Process’s business portfolio. With experience gained from formulating projects, working on R&D and innovating in the New Zealand, Australian and USA dairy markets, Pacific Process has garnered a significant amount of perspective and experience. With this has come the ability to provide innovative and simple solutions to the dairy industries across many jurisdictions.

The team at Pacific Process are well versed in all aspects of the dairy industry from farm to market. Pacific Process’ point of difference is our expertise and experience in the complete dairy industry supply chain and we specialise in project development, production logistics, manufacturing process design and quality. Within New Zealand, Australia and the USA we work in partnership with some of the biggest and smallest dairy companies to optimise existing operations and help them continue to grow their businesses with strategically focused investments.

The expertise that the organisation has can best be represented by a matrix type of definition. Pacific Process combines product and process skill sets with discipline-based skills sets. For example overarching many process lines we have expertise in logistics, planning, systems data integration and management, design processes, 3D modelling, commercial evaluations such as stream return modelling, IRR modelling for astute financial milk separation, standardisation and concentration, through milk powders, butter, milk protein extractions, milk mineral extractions, cleaning optimisation, low spore production, high solids processing, chemical recovery and fire/explosion protection and so on. It is fair to say that within Pacific Process we have experience in most if not all milk processes and packaging formats.


The team at Pacific Process specialise in dairy industry projects and has accumulated experience in the following areas:

Milk Transport & Reception

  • Tanker Systems design
  • Rail tanker milk design
  • Milk tanker design & construction
  • Tanker Receiving
  • Raw milk Concentration (MCS) Technology

Milk Treatment

  • Concentrating (Reverse Osmosis, Ultra-filtration)
  • Pasteurising
  • Filtering
  • Separation
  • Homogenisation
  • Standardisation (inline, multi-stream).

Milk Protein Concentrates & Isolates (MPC & MPI)

  • Evaporation, Drying and Packing
  • ION exchange
  • Membrane Filtration incorporating;
    • MF (Micro-filtration) – fat removal, protein fractionation
    • UF(Ultra-filtration) including Diafiltration – lactose removal
    • NF (Nano-filtration) – Salts & Minerals removal
    • RO (Reverse Osmosis) – Lactose Concentration.

Whey Protein Concentrates & Isolates (WPC & WPI)

  • Evaporation, Drying and Packing
  • EION exchange
  • EMembrane Filtration incorporating;
    • MF (Micro-filtration) – fat removal, protein isolation
    • UF(Ultra-filtration) including Diafiltration – Lactose removal
    • NF (Nano-filtration) – Salts & Mineral removal
    • RO (Reverse Osmosis) – Lactose Concentration.

High Fat Dairy Products

  • Butter & Semi-soft Butter, AMF & Margarine type Products
  • Butter churns, butter silos, bulk and retail packing systems
  • AMF separation systems, oil conversion, deodorising, and drum filling
  • Nitrogen blanketing systems (AMF storage & drum filling)
  • Drum handling & palletising
  • Bulk & retail butter palletising, stretch wrapping and pallet handing.

Milk Powder

  • Pre-evaporator concentration specification and design
  • Evaporator and Drier Specification
  • Powder Tempering and Blending specification and design
  • Agglomeration and Instantization systems specification and design
  • Powder Handling and Packing Specification and Design
  • Powder Bag (25kg, 50lb) and Bulk Bag (1 Ton) Packing Systems
  • Palletising & Stretch wrapping, design and build.

UHT (Ultra Heat Treated) Dairy Products

  • Milk, dairy desserts, cream & other dairy food & ESL products
  • Plant and Process design
  • Sterilisation systems
  • Aseptic storage (‘A’ Tanks)
  • Filling Machinery (Board & Plastic)
  • Pack accumulation systems
  • Downstream case packing, stretch wrapping & palletising.

Ice cream

  • Pre-treatment, mixing, blending & aging
  • Pasteurising
  • Ingredient addition
  • Ice cream mix freezing, filling
  • Rapid chilling, packaging, storage
  • Premium ice cream manufacture.


  • From boutique scale to export scale
  • Soft cheeses (Camembert, Brie, Feta etc)
  • Semi hard cheeses
  • Hard cheeses
  • Dry salted (cheddar type)
  • Brine salted (gouda type)
  • Cheese milk standardizing and pre-treatment
  • Cheese milk ‘starter’ production systems
  • Cheese vats (open manual type, closed automated type, curd washing
  • Curd salting systems (dry salting & brine salted)
  • Curd draining systems (cheddaring belts, pressing systems)
  • Brining systems
  • Cheese packing systems (block forming, case packing)
  • Palletising & Stretch Wrapping.

Cheese Cutting & Portion Packing

  • Consumer portion high speed cutting
  • Portion thermo forming & vacuum packing
  • Cheese portion case packing systems
  • Case Palletising & Stretch Wrapping

Processed Cheese

  • EMC (Enzyme Modified Cheese) Cheese Manufacture
  • SOS (Slice On Slice) Cheese Manufacture
  • IWS (Individually Wrapped Slice) Cheese Manufacture
  • Pre-mixing of ingredients (blenders)
  • Heat Treatment (inline ‘meting’ & pasteurizing)
  • Chilled roll and Individually Wrapped Slicing systems
  • Portion Packing
  • Case Packing
  • Palletising & Stretch Wrapping.

Shredded Cheese

  • ‘Natural’ shredded cheese systems (unfrozen, free flowing)
  • ‘IQF’ Instant Quick Frozen shredded cheese systems
  • Cheese pre-cutting (shredded cheese)
  • Cheese shredding
  • Carbohydrate addition (natural cut)
  • Freezer systems (IQF)
  • Shredded cheese weighing systems
  • Portion Packing
  • Case Packing
  • Palletising & Stretch Wrapping.

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