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Mobile Pumping

Pacific Process has been involved in many food process industries that call for the use of mobile pumping systems. This involves the transfer if liquid products from one process to another, or one storage vessel to another.

Key processes using our mobile pumping units include:

  • Wineries for the transfer of wine throughout a winery
  • Dairy transfer stations for the remote transfer of milk between tankers and/or trains

Pacific Process have a mobile pumping unit to suit your plant’s requirements, from low to high capacity, and from basic functionality to a full ‘smarts’ package. There is a tailored solution to suit the process and demand.

About the Pumping Systems:

The pumping units can range in size from a smaller scale (<10m3/hr) to a larger scale (up to 160m3/hr) depending on the need. The system design can be tailored to suit the customer’s requirements.

The systems are of a robust construction which allows them to survive in a rugged environment and to be treated fairly harshly. They come complete with the necessary power supply leads and product hoses to connect them to the relevant processes.

Multiple pumping units can be utilized together where multiple pump outs are required, such as when a milk tanker truck and trailer simultaneous pump out.

Pacific Process can also provide on request options for the site systems necessary to operate the pumping units, this can include:

  • Distributed power supply networks
  • Distributed communications networks (hard wired and wireless)
  • Site control system interface; to allow the system to communicate with other site systems
  • Site cleaning systems
  • Distributed services such as hot and cold water, compressed air, and cleaning chemicals

Pump Systems: Automation, Control and Communications

The automated units come standard with a small PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) to control system operations, and a panel mounted touch screen HMI (Human Machine Interface) to allow operators to control the system and enter operational parameters.

Should the units be required to communicate to other pumping units, or to a site based control system, this can be accommodated either by hard wired Ethernet link or via a wireless connection.

Pacific Process can offer a range of automation platforms to use, the most common (and standard) systems are Rockwell (Allen Bradley) and Siemens (S7).

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