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Food Industry Customized Processing Modules

In addition to Pacific Process’ ability to build large scale food processing facilities, we possess the capability to design and build independent process modules that can be supplied as an autonomous process systems or integrated into the site process systems. The modules can be fully automated and ‘self-controlling’, or integrated into an existing plants control network.

A wide range of processes can be accommodated here, and any process that can be found in a full scale plant, can be modified into a stand-alone processing module. Pacific Process have as standard the following process modules that can be purchased virtually ‘off the shelf’. This includes the following:

  • CIP (Clean In Place) systems.
  • Liquid food product pasteurisation systems.
  • Membrane Filtration Plants (MF, UF, NF and RO).
  • Product mixing systems.
  • Dairy milk fat & protein standardizing systems.
  • Liquid product blending systems (e.g. wine blending).

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