Meat & Poultry
The team at Pacific Process is expert in all aspects of the meat industry.

The team at Pacific Process is expert in all aspects of the meat industry. Our team of engineers are leaders in the modern meat processing industry providing technical knowledge and operation of meat plants. The meat plant design and build experience covers the following:

  • Stock handling systems
  • Beef, lamb and pork processing chain
  • Turkey and chicken processing line
  • Hide and feather removal
  • Carcass dissection
  • Portion packing
  • Pack chilling and storage systems
  • Offal handling.


Our team of experienced food process engineers is well versed at adding value to any product and meat products are no different. The opportunity to turn the raw meat product into a commercial product is something we at Pacific Process have been doing for years. Our engineers have produced plants which produce everything from Small Goods (bacon, hams, etc.) through to processed meats for both human consumption and pet food.


The goal is to minimise the waste produced during the butchery process. The team at Pacific Process lead in this technology providing effective savings for our customers through waste reduction in the following systems:

  • Offal and waste carcass handling
  • Hogging systems
  • Grinding systems
  • Pressure cooking
  • Pre-screening
  • Liquid/solid phase separation (decanters)
  • Solid phase drying (rotary kilns)
  • Solid phase milling, conveying and storage systems
  • Liquid phase ‘light and heavy’ phase separation (clarifiers)
  • Oil (tallow) storage, heating and transport systems.

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