Fundamentally, Pacific Process offers project consulting, project management and a broad range of engineering services to the Food, Beverage and Dairy sector.

Michael Cotter

Ambrosia Training was created by Pacific Process Limited, a multi-disciplined Professional Services Group delivering business and technical solutions to industry across multiple jurisdictions. The Pacific Process team pride themselves on delivering innovative and differentiated Business Solutions, seeking to gain an understanding of a client’s supply and value chains to develop value-added and differentiated solutions.

Ambrosia Training provides targeted training material intended for processing staff involved in manufacturing and packaging dairy products. Delivered in a modular format, the training supports production efficiency and quality outcomes by providing knowledge about the properties of the various materials being processed and the operation of the plant and equipment used.

With a focus on delivering tomorrow’s solutions to industry, it made sense to ensure the best possible training program was in place to maximize the efficiency of the installed system, especially in the Dairy industry, where Pacific Process have extensive international experience.

Looking for processing technology that will optimise production, reduce waste and enhance product quality? You’re in the right place.

GP Systems listens to the challenges you’re facing and work with you to find the right solution. GP Systems delivers the parts you need quickly and efficiently to reduce downtime and eliminate shutdowns. They provide multiple options with independent comparison data to help you make an informed decision.

For the past decade, Optimity has been challenging the supply chain planning status quo. Optimity's mission is simple – to offer companies planning software that is easy to implement and use, but also powerful enough to optimize the most challenging supply chains.

Optimity believe that every supply chain can be optimized to deliver maximum profit – and that with the right tools, it doesn’t have to be that hard.

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